OK, this is ridiculous, Iive been having to get a new password every time I want to post which takes about 5 emails back and forth and nothing works right on this site, the photos and so on. It is clearlyNOT user friendly, but then I am used to blogger and Picasa where you just click post in Picasa and presto, it posts to Blogger, no fooling with file size etc. I am vary spoiled.

I haven’t got time for this sort of foolishness so I clearly will not be able to post here very often. I had a lot to say but now there is no time left to say anything and the picture handling sucks too. If you want to see the picture, click on it. If I have time, I will repost it. And maybe what I waned to say, too. But is it worth all this effort. Prolly not!! 😦

later: I added a new version (smaller–1/4 as big). Click thumbnail to view photo.

Yellow Orchid