I thought I’d include a self-portrait sketch of myself, a very hasty sketch, I might add, in pen, marker and crayons. I’m much older than I look here, and making likenesses is NOT my forte. This is my female human form. Click it to see it larger. And remember, I’m older and a little different than this due to my lack of skill as an artist. Maybe someday. But probably not, as I probably won’t live long enough to learn to make realistic likenesses–WAHN! 😦

Self Portrait Sketch

Today I was able to get onto WordPress without entering a new password 5 times. This was a huge improvement. I hope that lasts. AS I get used to this, it does get a little easier, as I expected it would. I have a low tolerance for frustration in part due to my health issues.

After I did this post, I decided to add this to the page about me, so that later, when this disappears into bloggy oblivion, the silly sketch will still be available to allow you to have a vague notion of what I almost looked like (years ago), LOL! 😀 (If you care).