UGH–first of all, I do NOT like memes of any kind.

This is the Stuart Smalley Meme, whoever he is. If you want to play, name ten things you like about yourself. Leave me a comment and tell me you did it.

* * *

1)I like my smile.

2)I like my feet. They are strong, relatively attractive, and carry me where I want to go.

3)I like my hands. They are good for loving and touching.

4)I like my eyes: they help me see and appreciate, pretty scenery, art and dance. They help me read. I like to read. I’m glad I do.

5)I like my tongue, it really enjoys tasting food.

6)I like my ears–they love good music and loving words.

7)I like my nose–it likes the smell of fresh bread.

8)I like my body–I like to hold my loved ones close.

9)I like my mind–it helps me think, work things out, and learn.

10)I like my soul or dream body–it likes to soar.

I tag YOU if you’re reading this.