dissing Mr. Shrub

I like this piece of art and think it is important and true.


OK, this is ridiculous! I don’t need another blog!

But I have one, here it is. The reason I have one is for anonymity. I want to say whatever I want to say and not have anyone know who I am. I am not thoroughly convinced it will work, but hey. I’ll try it.

I am not really a good member of the blogging community. I do NOT have time to blog and comment regularly. But sometimes, I just want to say my piece and get it out there.

The first thing I want to say is that I hate George Bush and everything, or nearly everything he stands for. I hate his war and the fact that he is ruining the environment and the economy. I hope to say lots more about this at some point. Not now.

The name, Lupo Grigio is Italian for Grey Wolf–that’s me. I am not in the market for a sweetie and I am not a swinging hip young chick, I am old and with all the problems that brings. Or, some of them, anyway! LOL!