I thought I’d include a self-portrait sketch of myself, a very hasty sketch, I might add, in pen, marker and crayons. I’m much older than I look here, and making likenesses is NOT my forte. This is my female human form. Click it to see it larger. And remember, I’m older and a little different than this due to my lack of skill as an artist. Maybe someday. But probably not, as I probably won’t live long enough to learn to make realistic likenesses–WAHN! 😦

Self Portrait Sketch

Today I was able to get onto WordPress without entering a new password 5 times. This was a huge improvement. I hope that lasts. AS I get used to this, it does get a little easier, as I expected it would. I have a low tolerance for frustration in part due to my health issues.

After I did this post, I decided to add this to the page about me, so that later, when this disappears into bloggy oblivion, the silly sketch will still be available to allow you to have a vague notion of what I almost looked like (years ago), LOL! 😀 (If you care).


3 Wolves at Dawn

OK, I am back again in spite of yesterday’s frustrations. I decided to try posting an old Lupo Grigio picture. This is from my self-portrait series. It is one of the first pictures I ever did on Photoshop, so please be generous with your judgement–it might be the very first, I’m not sure. I think if you click on the picture, it will show a slightly bigger version.

I’d like to redo this picture now that I know more about photoshop, but for now, in the way of learning about WordPress blogging, I’m just doing this.

There are three of “me,” because I am a Gemini and have multiple personalities (we all do, really, don’t we, or is it just me?)

I would like to use this for more serious blogging about politics and the environment, but first I have to learn to use it.

I just had to upload the picture a second time because first it wouldn’t let me write with the picture in the post, so I deleted it, but it disappeared and I didn’t know how to retrieve it so I had to re-upload it. There must be a better way. Also, with the spell-checker, if you try to correct a word, the word disappears and you have to retype it. That’s stupid!

OK, this is ridiculous! I don’t need another blog!

But I have one, here it is. The reason I have one is for anonymity. I want to say whatever I want to say and not have anyone know who I am. I am not thoroughly convinced it will work, but hey. I’ll try it.

I am not really a good member of the blogging community. I do NOT have time to blog and comment regularly. But sometimes, I just want to say my piece and get it out there.

The first thing I want to say is that I hate George Bush and everything, or nearly everything he stands for. I hate his war and the fact that he is ruining the environment and the economy. I hope to say lots more about this at some point. Not now.

The name, Lupo Grigio is Italian for Grey Wolf–that’s me. I am not in the market for a sweetie and I am not a swinging hip young chick, I am old and with all the problems that brings. Or, some of them, anyway! LOL!

Hello World, here I am! You may not particularly care, but hello anyway! If you’re reading this, I hope to be your friend in a bloggy sort of way.