Protecting the bird, Cranbrook

Picnic Table Leg Lifts


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Underwater Ripple 2

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Picnic Table Series Balduck Grass

In front of a church on Moross in Detroit is a sign that says, “Worshipping the right God at the right place with the right people.” It reminds me of that song, “My dog’s bigger than your dog,” Only in this case, it’s “My God’s better than your God, my church is better—and I’m better.”

In other words, you suck. If you’re not a member of this church, you suck. And your God sucks, too. It’s the ultimate bigotry. I’m curious. Who are the right people who attend that church? And who are the wrong ones who do not?

If there is a God, she’s probably black, an old joke goes. Multicolored, anyway, like Joseph’s coat. Familiar but unknowable. She loves everyone. She’s not exclusive. She loves the sparrows and each hair on your head. She loves the Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and everyone.

I bet the Unitarians don’t have a sign like that outside their church. I’m not a Unitarian, but I like the idea of uniting people of all faiths, not excluding them. Any place is the right place, anyone is the right person. If they are human, they are loved. Or should be. The one vast God would love them all, without exception. If there were a God.

* * *
I guess the people who think that “their personal God” is the one and only right God are pretty rabid about it, so I hope I don’t offend you. My God loves you even if your God doesn’t love me. See , I can be holier than thou, too!

I tried to get on here to post this from my laptop because we were out and about tonight, but WordPress said that my username was wrong. Not my password, my username. It wasn’t, but I couldn’t.

* * *

I used to dream a lot about trains and trainyards, much more than any experience in my real waking life would suggest. The dreams were evocative and seemed important. But I could never make any sense of them, in spite of the repeating nature of the dreams and the similar scenes.

I haven’t had one of these dreams in a long time. Nor have I dreampt of flying lately. I used to love those flying dreams!

There’s a picture that goes with this post, and it uploaded fine, but now it won’t go into the editor. I’ve tried several times and I’ll have to give up for now. It shows the code where it is supposed to show the visual. I just tried again after logging off and back on, no dice. Maybe another time it will let me add it. Sigh!

Train from Escarpment

3 Wolves at Dawn

OK, I am back again in spite of yesterday’s frustrations. I decided to try posting an old Lupo Grigio picture. This is from my self-portrait series. It is one of the first pictures I ever did on Photoshop, so please be generous with your judgement–it might be the very first, I’m not sure. I think if you click on the picture, it will show a slightly bigger version.

I’d like to redo this picture now that I know more about photoshop, but for now, in the way of learning about WordPress blogging, I’m just doing this.

There are three of “me,” because I am a Gemini and have multiple personalities (we all do, really, don’t we, or is it just me?)

I would like to use this for more serious blogging about politics and the environment, but first I have to learn to use it.

I just had to upload the picture a second time because first it wouldn’t let me write with the picture in the post, so I deleted it, but it disappeared and I didn’t know how to retrieve it so I had to re-upload it. There must be a better way. Also, with the spell-checker, if you try to correct a word, the word disappears and you have to retype it. That’s stupid!

OK, this is ridiculous, Iive been having to get a new password every time I want to post which takes about 5 emails back and forth and nothing works right on this site, the photos and so on. It is clearlyNOT user friendly, but then I am used to blogger and Picasa where you just click post in Picasa and presto, it posts to Blogger, no fooling with file size etc. I am vary spoiled.

I haven’t got time for this sort of foolishness so I clearly will not be able to post here very often. I had a lot to say but now there is no time left to say anything and the picture handling sucks too. If you want to see the picture, click on it. If I have time, I will repost it. And maybe what I waned to say, too. But is it worth all this effort. Prolly not!! 😦

later: I added a new version (smaller–1/4 as big). Click thumbnail to view photo.

Yellow Orchid

Today, we went to the maritime museum on Belle Isle, and since we were there for the Grand Re-opening, we also took a walk at Belle Isle from the Conservatory to the Skating Rink to the Casino to the Lion Fountain and back to the Conservatory. It was about a 45-minute walk. I was all loaded down with camera gear, but I did not take many pictures. The reason I did not take many pictures was that there was trash EVERYWHERE! it is really disgusting. OneBelle Isle Picnic Table cannot take a picture without getting trash in it.

I have decided that we should institute a citizen vigilante littering campaign, and when we see anyone littering, they should be forced to clean up all the litter in a mile radius of where they threw their trash and if not, all the litter should be dumped into their car or house or down the front of their shirt. Please sign up here if you want to help eliminate litterers. (I suppose we could just shoot them all–that would have the added benefit of lowering the population and raising the average IQ.)

This picture is nothing very exciting. I tried to get the trees and table to block out most of the trash, but you and still see some. And this was the cleanest spot I could find! By a long shot.

Orange Orchid

I am finding WordPress extremely user-unfriendly and difficult to use, much harder than Googgle Blogger! I can’t figure anything out. I suppose eventually I will, but meanwhile, I am hating it!

I LOVE flowers though. I uploaded this and pasted it in multiple times. I hope I finally get it right this time. I guess I have to size the picture differently, it doesn’t all show up but I’ve HAD it with this. If you click on it, you can see the whole picture!

Also I uploaded an avatar and that never showed up anywhere either!!