Today, we went to the maritime museum on Belle Isle, and since we were there for the Grand Re-opening, we also took a walk at Belle Isle from the Conservatory to the Skating Rink to the Casino to the Lion Fountain and back to the Conservatory. It was about a 45-minute walk. I was all loaded down with camera gear, but I did not take many pictures. The reason I did not take many pictures was that there was trash EVERYWHERE! it is really disgusting. OneBelle Isle Picnic Table cannot take a picture without getting trash in it.

I have decided that we should institute a citizen vigilante littering campaign, and when we see anyone littering, they should be forced to clean up all the litter in a mile radius of where they threw their trash and if not, all the litter should be dumped into their car or house or down the front of their shirt. Please sign up here if you want to help eliminate litterers. (I suppose we could just shoot them all–that would have the added benefit of lowering the population and raising the average IQ.)

This picture is nothing very exciting. I tried to get the trees and table to block out most of the trash, but you and still see some. And this was the cleanest spot I could find! By a long shot.